2019 Theme

"Red Lights Mean STOP!"

Download Poster Contest Specifications Here


Win a free Field Trip* for your class?

Encourage your students to participate in the School Bus Safety Poster Contest

Who May Enter

Students enrolled in any school for which West County Transportation Agency provides bus transportation may submit entries. Four winning posters will be selected, one from each division.  Our poster contest is in addition to the California Association of School Transportation Officials (CASTO) poster contest which is open to all students in grades K - 8. 


  • Grades K - 3

  • Grades 4 - 6

  • Grades 7 - 8

  • Special Education

One Overall winner will be selected from the division winners to receive the free field trip. Each division winner will receive $100 savings bond.

 When Can Posters Be Drawn?

Posters can be drawn anytime between August 1, 2018 and the deadline of February 26, 2019 to be eligible for the Free Field Trip. Entries received by November 30, 2018 will also be entered in the local CASTO Chapter contest and then the State CASTO (California Association of School Transportation Officials), contest in January.

 Poster Specifications

  • 12' x 18" tag poster board or construction paper

  • May be illustrated vertically or horizontally

  • Title in had written letters (prefect spelling, please)

  • Use any media: paint, crayon, felt pen, cut paper, etc.

  • Please write on back of poster in pencil only

    Students First and Last Name


    School name, grade and teacher

    City, Zip Code


  • Must show safe school bus practices

  • ORIGINALITY of the poster and how the theme is expressed in the poster design.

  • Artwork and its execution (all the student's own work)

  • Visual impact of the poster design


West County Transportation Agency Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for first place in each division as follows:

1st Place and Overall Winner: A Field Trip* for the classroom & a $100 Savings Bond. 

Field Trips must be taken during the current school year.

1st Place Winners of remaining 4 divisions: $100 Savings Bond.

The winner of each division will be notified to submit their

social security number to receive the Savings Bond.

*Field Trips are limited to 4 hours

Any questions may be addressed to

Debbie Strain 206-9988, ext.212,

please call and I will pick up your entries.


Chapter 13 Level winners:

$50 cash prize for the winner of each division

$50 cash prize to each division winner's classroom

State Level Winners:

$150 Gift Card for winner of each division

$100 Cash prize to each division winner's classroom

                  State Poster GRAND PRIZE winner will be invited to the C.A.S.T.O. State Conference. Includes travel and lodging expenses, along with his/her parents

                       Sunday Installation Breakfast

                       Recognized at the breakfast, receiving his/her original poster framed.

                       State Conference will be held in March


For more information on the CASTO poster contest: CASTO Chapter 13 Poster Contest and CASTO State Website 

All entries become the property of West County Transportation Agency and the California Association of School Transportation Officials. The right to modify any poster for reproduction is reserved by West County Transportation Agency and the CASTO Poster Committee.