Bus Passes

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State funding for school transportation covers, on a statewide average, only about 35% of the total cost of providing school transportation for your child. The remainder must be paid out of the general operating funds of the school district--money that is coming out of classroom programs and the like.

In an effort to reduce the impact, and in these tentative financial times, your district may have adopted fees. The fees offset less than 10% of the total cost of transporting your child. These fees are intended to keep the school transportation service your child receives intact, not to enhance the service level.

In addition, students are expected to behave properly at all times on the bus. Refunds of the fee will not be considered if the student has experienced a suspension from the bus for behavioral reasons. Fees for home-to-school transportation have been legal for over twenty five years. In the Spring of 1992, the Supreme Court of the State of California heard a challenge to that law and upheld the legality of charging fees for school transportation