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West County Transportation Agency is a Joint Powers Agreement formed of and by eight school districts on July 1, 1988 in western Sonoma County to establish, operate and maintain a pupil transportation agency.

The mission of the Agency is to provide safe, coordinated, cost-effective and child-centered transportation for our members. A Joint Powers Agreement is a unique way for school districts and public agencies to cooperate and provide common services while benefiting from the economies of scale of a larger organization.


Has your pupil transportation program become a drain on your patience and resources?

We provide.....

Safe, Child-Centered Service

Lowest Cost

Professional Personnel Management

Highly Trained Drivers

Courteous and Efficient Dispatchers

Computerized Bus Routing

Highest Rated Shop

ASE Certified Mechanics

Management and Operations Assistance

School Transportation

In many school districts in Sonoma County, pupil transportation service has been provided by policy to the students of the districts. Both rural and urban school districts have a long and proud tradition of providing safe and timely service.  

As routine costs have increased, however, the State has not increased the funding for this program. School transportation service, as necessary as it may be, has become an ever-larger encroachment on school district general funds. The community demands the service, bus transportation is environmentally friendly, but your costs continue to increase.  

A cooperative agency can provide the same quality of service at a lower cost. West County Transportation Agency provides home-to-school transportation service both to member school districts and under contract for non-members.

Field Trips

Special trips are an integral part of every academic and athletic school program. School buses offer an economical, safe and specialized mode of transportation for your school district, community organization or youth group.

Everyone Leaves and Arrives Together

Highest Level of Safety

Lowest Cost

Reduces Liability

Eliminates Parent-Driven Trips

Environmentally Friendly

Contact us for your Field Trip Needs.

Vehicle Maintenance

West County Transportation Agency operates a state-of-the-art vehicle maintenance program.

ASE Certified Mechanics

Computerized Diagnostics

Total Regulation Compliance

Public Works Fleet

Fire Mechanics Academy Certified

Cost-Effective Preventive Maintenance

Driver Training and Safety

Rigorous and mandated training is required of all school bus drivers prior to ever transporting students. Potential drivers are subject to thorough background checks as well as pre-employment and regular random drug and alcohol testing.  

West County Transportation Agency has a staff of California State Certified School Bus Driver Instructors. In addition to providing training for own staff, we open our training classes and in-service classes for all school bus drivers. Our training program is innovative and effective. We boast an extremely low accident and incident ratio. School bus driving is considered a 200% job. Drivers must place 100% of their attention on safely maneuvering a 12-ton bus over busy urban streets and narrow rural lanes and are also expected to give 100% of their attention to the students they transport.  

Our training program places no driver on the road until they have successfully passed all phases and are ready not only to pilot the bus safely, but also give the type of caring and child-centered attention to the students we demand. 

Management Assistance

West County Transportation Agency has an experienced and professional management team with a broad background in all facets of school and public transportation management and vehicle maintenance management. We are able to assist other organizations in evaluating the effectiveness of their routing, vehicle maintenance, driver training or operational efficiency.