Kindergarten Orientation

Each year we provide the opportunity for all the school districts to participate in our kindergarten orientation. Our drivers are highly skilled and trained to discuss the safe riding practices in a format that the kindergarten child can understand.

We would be pleased to do a school bus orientation program with your kindergarten classes either prior to or after school begins. We recommend that parents attend to also learn about school bus safety and for them to help reinforce safe riding practices to their child. The program begins in the classroom with the driver discussing school bus safety and ends with a short ride on a school bus. The program can be accomplished in an hour or less.

We will talk briefly to students regarding waiting at the bus stop, basic safety rules while riding the bus, boarding the bus and alighting the bus. We emphasis the danger zone and the importance of telling the bus driver if they drop anything under the bus. The highlight, of course, would be the actual ride on the bus in which we will show the kindergarten child the basic rules to follow.

We currently use the S.A.F.E. Bus Riders Program that was specifically geared for the kindergarten rider. The program was developed by Jan O'Hanlon-Wilson. It incorporates simple but very effective program that uses a visual magnetic board, posters and stickers to help reinforce S.A.F.E. bus rider ship.

If interested in scheduling a kindergarten orientation, please call West County Transportation at 206-9988