Safe Riding Practices

The regular driver will orient students regarding basic expectations in the first couple of days.

Within the first two months of school students receive training in safe riding practices and evacuation of a school bus which may be supplemented by classroom activities.

In a nutshell, classroom behavior is expected on all school buses.

By law, students must remain seated at all times, must keep all body parts and objects inside the windows of the bus, and must follow all directions of the driver.

The driver must be responsible for the safe transportation of as many as 84 passengers, so the fewer the distractions, the safer the ride will be.

Five Basic Rules to Safe Riding

Parents teach you kids these 5 basic rules.............          

Listed below are the 5 basic safe riding rules

  1. Follow the instructions of your bus driver

  2. Remain seated at all times

  3. Keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times

  4. Please no loud talking or boisterous conduct.

  5. Please no eating or drinking on the bus.